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O Ramadan! (A Ramadan Song)

O Ramadan Lyrics (A Ramadan Carol)

Dashing through the day
Because we cannot eat
Waiting patiently
For it to be Eid

The sun is going down
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to eat
All through the night!


Oh Ramadan, Ramadan
Fasting every year!
Fun with friends and family
Eid is almost here!

Native Deen — Ramadan is Here ( Official )


Ramadan is Here (4x)

Yo they sighted the moon, its Ramadan!
Now I gotta plan, before itsi come and gone
Getting close to Allah, spend a lot of time.
Check the condition of my heart, like a sonogram

Uh Everybody knows that we gotta fast.
But does everybody know how the time is passed?
Is it sleeping all day and the nights a blast?
And forgetting the reward of the month is vast?

I know you gonna wake-up, right.
Drinking water maybe bean-pie, praying at sunrise….
Fast in the day, keeping that deen tight.
Breaking fast with some dates, taraweeh at night

Alright… its a blessed month.
It doesnt mean at iftar, that you cant have fun,
But strive in your heart, for your Lord the one
And be blessed by Allah, when the month is done.


Four minutes left, Mom busts in the door, like
Get yourself up, you about to miss Suhur
Turkey bacon on the plate but Im beefing.
I’m up here sleeping, when theyre down here eating.

Scenes like this, it makes me reminisce
What it meant growing up with Ramadan as a kid.
My homie’s buying up the corner store.
Now or later, quarter waters,
We break at eight but its quarter to four.

They got jokes, like oh yeah hes fasting.
Something about blessings, heaven everlasting
Asking like the Feds up on me, But dude, let me ask you for real, is you hungry?

A hunger for the day when the sins on my slate
be as empty as the food on my plate.
And if you got jokes, man here is a taste.
Take a little fasters breath to the face.


Ramadan vibrations, more donations.
Dinner invitations, many supplications
Good behavior means better reputations.
Dont start nothing, no provocations

No fighting no argumentation.
From the fitna and the drama, take a vacation
Mosque is packed with a huge congregation.
Some just come as an annual visitation

Some just come for the hum of the recitation.
Memorization of revelation,
Less temptation, with more contemplation.
Getting ready for the Eid celebration

Shake a lot of hands giving salutations,
Salaam Alaykums, peace upon the nation
The world is one, forget the segregation.
Another Ramadan congratulations!!